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Alumni Beat Issue #7

In  this Issue:
Meet the Board of Directors
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The Mission

To encourage and promote the  empowerment of SVMP Alumni
 through information sharing, strategic relationship development
 and social activities.

 A Letter from the President

     Greetings SVMP Alumni,

     Welcome to our first Alumni Beat of 2013!

      We hope this edition finds you all in good health, happy, and at a  place of impact and          inspiration.  Over the past six months the  SVMP Alumni Association (SVMP AA) Board of  Directors’ have been working  intensely and intently to re-shape our efforts to better serve our  alumni base.

     We have started development of  the first ever SVMP Alumni Database to better track where our Alumni  are living, studying, and working.  This tool will help us engage  more effectively in the years ahead.  If interested in supporting  this effort please reach out to Long Phan.

     We are  expanding how we view events and welcome our alumni to be a part of the  process! Some notable events over the last six months include Regional Alumni Mixers in DC, New York, Berkley, Palo Alto, and Seattle; Also, the first ever alumni-initiated trip to Vegas was a success in January  2013. Check out the re-caps of each event, and catch the latest news by visiting our re-invigorated website here.

        If interested in planning an event in your city or  getting involved with the planning for the SVMP Alumni Reunion, please  contact Gloriya Nedler.

      Without further ado,  please meet your SVMP Board of Directors in this edition of the Alumni  Beat (brought to you by our new Director Cydni Williams)! We welcome  your feedback, ideas, and questions so please never hesitate to reach  out and start a conversation.

      I hope to hear from you soon.

     Warm regards,
  Chelsea Seabron

  President, SVMP Alumni Association

SVMP Alumni Association Board Profiles

Chelsea image

Haytham image
Chelsea Seabron Chelsea's FacebookChelsea's Twitter

Haytham Zohny Haytham's LinkedIn
Vice President
Chelsea Seabron is a member of the SVMP Class of 2008 and a Sr.  Consultant  at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, D.C. Chelsea obtained her B.A.  in  Social Sciences with a concentration in Organizational Behavior and Communications. Chelsea's experience in SVMP served as motivation to get involved.
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Haytham Zohny is a member of the SVMP Class of 2008 and a Sr.  Market Analyst at The Travelers Companies. Haytham obtained his BA  in  Business, Organizations and Society from Franklin & Marshall  College.  He became involved with the Alumni Association because he found the SVMP experience to be transformative.
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Eskedar image
Moises image
Eskedar Getahun Eskedar's LinkedIn
Moises Numa
Director of Technology

With a dual role of Resource Manager and Research Analyst at MDRC, Eskedar  Getahun works with the SVMP Alumni Association as the Director of Strategic  Development.  Eskedar, a member of the SVMP Class of 2005,  received her undergraduate degree from Barnard College and Masters from  Hunter College. 
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Moises  Numa is a member of the SVMP Class of 2009 and works for the Analysis  Group. As a student at Babson College studying Business Management with  an Accounting and Finance concentration, Moises applied to SVMP after  hearing about a friend’s  experience the year prior.
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Maroo image

Ashtane image
Maroo Ghil

Ashtane Jordan
Assistant Treasurer

Director of Recruiting
Maroo Ghil, member of the SVMP Class of 2011, is currently an Advisory Staff at Ernst & Young in Atlanta, GA.  A graduate of the University of Georgia, Maroo has a B.B.A. in Accounting, Finance, Management Information Systems, and Internation Business.

Ashtane Jordan is a member of the SVMP Class of 2007 and is currently the Director of Operations and Strategy at the eCommerce   startyp, The Lip Bar.   She graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Communication and Culture from Howard University.
Lori image
Kevin image
Lori Manning Lori's LinkedIn
Kevin Ko
Director of Technology
Corporate Relations Coordinator
Lori  Manning is a member of the SVMP Class of 2001.  As a graduate  of  the Stern School of Business at New York University with a  dual major in Information Systems and Marketing, Lori is the Director  of Technology and attributes her involvement to the SVMP experience.
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Kevin  Ko is a member of the SVMP Class of 2009  and is currently a  Consultant at Deloitte Consulting.  He graduated with a Bachelor  of Science in Economics with concentrations in Finance, Management  & Legal Studies, and Business Ethics from the Wharton School.
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Victor image
Cathy image
Victor Chen Victor's LinkedIn
Cathy Yu
Corporate Relations Coordinator
Corporate Relations Coordinator
Victor  Chen, member of the SVMP Class of 2011, is currently a Consultant for  Protiviti.  A graduate of Colby College, Victor has a B.A. in Economics, Mathematics, and East Asian Studies.  As a Corporate  Relations Coordinator, Victor believes his experiences in SVMP had a  major impact on his career choices.
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Cathy Yu, member of the SVMP Class of 2011, is currently a Strategy & Operations Analyst for Deloitte Consulting. Cathy was born and raised in China, received her Bachelors in Eletrical Engineering with honors and a concentration in Control System & Signal Processing from Penn State- University Park.

Andrea image
Gloriya image
Andrea Giraudo Andrea's LinkedIn
Gloriya Nedler Gloriya's LinkedIn
Director of Professional Development
Director of Events
Andrea  Giraudo is a member of the SVMP Class of 2010 and is currently a  Marketing Coordinator at IPPOLITA.  As a graduate of the University of Georgia, Andrea plans to attend business school with  Harvard Business School as her top choice.  Andrea’s love for  Harvard Business School stemmed from her participation in SVMP.  Through participation in the SVMP  AA she has found she  can give back and be a long-term participant of the program.
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Gloriya Nedler is a member of the SVMP Class of 2011 and works for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  As the Director of Events, Gloriya remembers her initial interest in  SVMP and how it stemmed from a desire to explore ways the business  field could supplement her professional pursuit of medicine. “I never  could have predicted the extent of the impact that the SVMP experience  would have on my career interests moving forward,” she said.
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Cydni image

Long image
Long Phan Long's LinkedIn

Cydni Williams Cydni's LinkedIn
Director of Alumni Engagement

Director of Alumni Beat
Long Phan is a member of the SVMP Class of 2005 and is currently an Analyst at Cascade Investment.  Since graduating from The University  of Washington, Long has recruited and mentored ten SVMP alumni.  His  reason for getting involved with the SVMP Alumni Association  is to continue to help  recruit and share his SVMP experience with others. 
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Cydni  Williams is a member of the SVMP Class of 2012 and a student at the  State University of New York at Oswego.  As the Director of the  Alumni Beat, she refers to SVMP as, “ of the most eye  opening experiences of my life.”  Cydni decided to get involved with the  SVMP  AA after interacting with various alumni of the  program during the SVMP experience.
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SVMP Ski Trip Image

On March 23rd, the first SVMP Alumni Association Ski Trip took place. It was a memorable experience.  Alumni from the East Coast region traveled near and far to meet the Liberty Mountain Ski Resort. As we drove closer to the Resort, we could see the cascading snowy slopes in the horizon. 

As more and more Alumni continued to arrive, along with one prospective SVMPer for the upcoming cohort of 2013, we suited up, grabbed our equipment and hit  the slopes.  We started our morning with ski and snowboarding lessons.  We practiced together, fell together, and most importantly helped each other up as we stumbled. 

As the day went by, and with the support of fellow SVMP Alumni, we graduated from the Bunny Slopes and began to explore the more challenging areas of the mountain.  There were times when some of us would lose our balance and descend on our backs, head first, with only one ski on our foot, and no way of stepping on the steep, icy terrain. 

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Alumni Development Corner:

1) “You’ve got to be as original and authentic to your core as you can  possibly be. When interviewers gets a sense of WHO you are as opposed  to WHAT you are (from your résumé) they can better assess a plausible  match between you and the company.”

- Nichole Bestman: SVMP 2010,  Marketing Strategist at National Port Authority of Liberia

2) “Be able to answer “Tell Me About Yourself” in a clear and concise manner,

- At the end of the interview ask intelligent questions that show  you’ve researched the company.
- Send a thank you note, but make sure it’s spelled correctly.
- Go to Networking events, get cards, follow-up, meet for coffee, and if/when you interview at that job, mention the person you know.”

- Ravi Singh: SVMP 2010, JD Candidate at Northwestern Law School

3) “Do your research, read their website and search online forums like Also look for any resources online. One thing I did for my research into BCG was to Google a bunch of related topics and I stumbled across a PPT file from a recruiter with some very useful  inside information."

- Shahin Shahrivar: SVMP 2010, College Campus Coordinator for Teach for America & high school Math Teacher Washington D.C. area

4) "Posture. Most communication is non-verbal. Good posture is learned and can make the difference. For resources Google Amy Cuddy who teaches at HBS and has a lot of tips. Her article on HBR and her videos on TED  are inspiring.”

- Shahin Shahrivar: SVMP 2010, College Campus Coordinator for Teach for America & high school Math Teacher Washington D.C. area

5) “Dress rehearse it! You really should make it a discipline to do mock interviews prior to an interview with a set of common behavioral  questions like, ‘Tell me a time when you lead a group, took a risk,  persuaded someone….’ Literally have 2-3 examples/stories you can tell  because you may get nervous and forget if you only have one and if they  like your first example it’s not uncommon for them to ask for another  one or ask a similar question you can use your back up for!”

- Andrea Giraudo: SVMP 2010, Marketing Coordinator at IPPOLITA, New York City, NY


6) “The easiest way to get an interview is to have someone pass  along your resume …which really goes to show the importance of networking and  maintaining good relationships.”

- Long Phan: SVMP 2005,  Investment Analyst, Seattle, Washington

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