Alumni Beat 7 – Letter from the SVMPAA President


Greetings SVMP Alumni,


Welcome to our first Alumni Beat of 2013!


We hope this edition finds you all in good health, happy, and at a place of impact and inspiration.


Over the past six months the SVMP Alumni Association (SVMP AA) Board of Directors’ have been working intensely and intently to re-shape our efforts to better serve our alumni base.


We have started development of the first ever SVMP Alumni Database to better track where our Alumni are living, studying, and working.  This tool will help us engage more effectively in the years ahead.  If interested in supporting this effort please reach to


We are expanding how we view events and welcome our alumni to be a part of the process! Some notable events over the last six months include Regional Alumni Mixers in DC, New York, Berkley, Palo Alto, and Seattle; Also, the first ever alumni-initiated trip to Vegas was a success in January 2013. Check out the re-caps of each event, and catch the latest news by visiting our re-invigorated website here:


Mark Your Calendars and Save the Date for our first ever SVMP Ski Trip coming up on March 23rd at the Liberty Mountain Resort, and SVMP Kickoff and Alumni Reunion coming up June 21-23, 2013 in Cambridge.  If interested in planning an event in your city or getting involved with the planning for the SVMP Alumni Reunion, please contact


Without further ado, please meet your SVMP Board of Directors in this edition of the Alumni Beat (brought to you by our new Director Cydni Williams)! We welcome your feedback, ideas, and questions so please never hesitate to reach out and start a conversation.


I hope to hear from you soon.


Warm regards,


Chelsea Seabron

President, SVMP Alumni Association



Chelsea Seabron is the President of the SVMP Alumni Association and a senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton.  As a graduate of New York University, Chelsea’s experience in SVMP served as motivation to get involved.  She explains, “ I got involved with the SVMP AA right after I completed SVMP and have had the opportunity to work under the fantastic leadership of both Victor Collins and Bridgette Adams, first as the Director of Marketing and Communications and then as the Director of Events.” Chelsea believes both positions have helped develop  her leadership skills and remain connected to a cause that she cares deeply about.


This year Chelsea is driving the SVMP Alumni Association to raise brand awareness, help alumni connect better with one another, and lay the foundation for strategic and sustainable growth.  She shares with us, “ I’m blessed to be supported by such a dynamic team of intelligent, hard-working, and innovative leaders.   We have made significant strides in each area and have the right team in place to continue moving the SVMP AA train forward.”


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