Presidents’ Welcome

Dear SVMP Alumni,We hope this message finds you all well!


We are writing to you as the new Co-Presidents of the SVMP Alumni Association, following in the footsteps of our trail blazing past President and Vice President, Chelsea Seabron and Haytham Zohny. Many of you may know Chelsea and Haytham from SVMP AA events and correspondences. They both poured much time and heart into building the reach and scope of the alumni association, and we are looking forward to following in their footsteps.


We have both served on the Board in the past, Moises as Treasurer and Eskedar as Director of Strategic Development, so we have an intimate sense of the strengths and areas of development for the SVMP AA. We also have a dynamic, committed, and talented group of fellow Board members, committee members, and Executive Board with whom we are looking forward to continuing to work with this year and into the future.


Most importantly, we look forward to hearing from you, alumni of the SVMP program, about what we can do to better serve you. We all know what an accomplished group of people make up the alumni of the SVMP program, so our goal is to make sure that we continue to be resources and support to one another.


Please stay tuned for additional updates on how you can get involved with the SVMP Alumni Association!


Looking forward to a great year ahead!


Eskedar Getahun SVMP ‘05
Moises Numa SVMP ’09