Alumni Beat 7 – Gloriya Nedler SVMP ’11

Gloriya Nedler is a member of the SVMP Class of 2011 and works for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  As the Director of Events, Gloriya remembers her initial interest in SVMP and how it stemmed from a desire to explore ways the business field could supplement her professional pursuit of medicine. “I never could have predicted the extent of the impact that the SVMP experience would have on my career interests moving forward,” she said. Having been granted exposure to Harvard Business School faculty and other SVMP students, she began to consider how the methodologies frequently employed in the business sector could benefit the healthcare arena, especially when paired with medicine and the basic sciences. Following her participation in SVMP, she planned to pursue an MD/MBA with her understanding of the novelty and flexibility of the business realm, and with an unyielding excitement to continue exploring the interdependence of business and healthcare.


The relationship between Gloriya’s current position in healthcare and career goals moving forward have led her to develop a strong interest in applying “healthy practice” to the working world. Having worked on a national health movement to battle cardiovascular disease, she intends to expand and cater this venture to the SVMP Alumni Association.  This would educate alumni and provide an opportunity to better incorporate health and wellness into their career pursuits and personal lives, thereby maximizing performance in both.


Gloriya believes her involvement in the SVMP Alumni Association has been beneficial in exposing her to diverse management styles and practices, allowing her to improve her own. She shares, “…working closely with other board members and alumni provides a unique opportunity to develop as a leader by forcing you to consistently maintain a malleable approach in working as a team of diverse minds aimed at a common set of goals.”


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