Alumni Beat 7 – Kevin Ko SVMP ’09

Kevin Ko is a member of the SVMP class of ‘09  and is currently a Consultant at Deloitte Consulting.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics with concentrations in Finance, Management & Legal Studies, and Business Ethics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


During SVMP, Kevin was especially impacted by the Harvard Business School case method.  He found that not only did participating in SVMP confirm his desire to pursue a career in management consulting, but it also reinforced his interest in tackling complex issues from the perspective of the protagonist. He states, “Since each case was based on a real-world situation, the ‘right’ answer was often ambiguous…a truly eye-opening experience. In addition to being incredibly stimulating from an intellectual standpoint, this exercise helped prepare me for my current role wherein I advise organization leaders, across numerous industries, on addressing their most pressing strategic issues.”


As an active member of the SVMP Alumni Association Board of Directors for the past two years, Kevin has found his involvement incredibly rewarding.  He believes it has allowed him to work closely with a network of, “…extremely talented and passionate individuals.” Kevin finds uniting as a board with common goals allows for the opportunity to foster a robust community for SVMP alumni and spread the valuable learning opportunity to future generations of SVMP participants.


Kevin is currently collaborating with Victor, Cathy, and the Corporate Relations Team to revamp the corporate outreach strategy and refresh the SVMP Alumni Association resume bank.  This would serve as a valuable resource to connect our talented alumni base, which has been pre-screened by Harvard Business School, with top-tier corporate partners.


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