Alumni Beat 7 – Andrea Giraudo SVMP ’10

Andrea Giraudo is a member of the SVMP Class of 2010 and is currently a Marketing Coordinator at IPPOLITA.  As a graduate of the University of Georgia, Andrea plans to attend business school with Harvard Business School as her top choice.  Andrea’s love for Harvard Business School stemmed from her participation in SVMP.  Through participation in the SVMP Alumni Association she has found she can give back and be a long-term participant of the program.  She shares, “Not only did I join to remain in contact with some of the brightest young people out there but to know all I can in preparation for B-school, about careers, and… to have a support group.  I hope the SVMP AA can be that for SVMP participants once they graduate.”


Andrea’s involvement has motivated her to reach out to other board members and SVMP alumni to maintain in contact while working toward goals for the organization. Andrea believes if it was not for her involvement, she may have lost touch with her SVMP class and  missed the opportunity to meet members of other class years.


Andrea recounts her favorite SVMP moment, “They sang Happy Birthday to three of us, [SVMP participants], who apparently were birthday kids that June, it turns out someone thought I was included, but my birthday is actually in DECEMBER. So here I am with a cake with my name included on it. The funny part was that even though it was a mistake, technically, it was actually my half birthday. Oddly enough, …it all worked out and getting sung Happy Birthday in a HBS classroom, right at the front, was priceless!”


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