Alumni Beat 7 – Cydni Williams SVMP ’12


Cydni Williams is a member of the SVMP Class of 2012 and a student at the State University of New York at Oswego.  As the Director of the Alumni Beat, she refers to SVMP as, “…one of the most eye opening experiences of my life.”  Cydni decided to get involved with the SVMP Alumni Association after interacting with various alumni of the program during the SVMP experience.  She shares, “The fact a lot of SVMP Alumni participated in events on the first day left a huge impression on me.  These professionals have demanding schedules yet years after participating in SVMP, they made time to speak to us, it is a true testament of the program’s impact.”  Cydni believes involvement in the SVMP Alumni Association has showed her the value of  making time to give back on a demanding schedule.



           Cydni is currently working on integrating the advantages of social networking into the Alumni Beat, allowing alumni to connect with one another and continue to build relationships in a medium they use frequently.  “One of the highlights of participating in SVMP was interacting with peers. I would like to have an impact by connecting alumni with each other and helping to share their accomplishments.  The Alumni Beat allows that to happen,” she said.


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