Alumni Beat 8 – Black MBA Women

Burke_ Daria



         Black MBA Women was founded by Daria Burke, a 2008 graduate of the New York University Stern School of Business. Daria was one of nine black women in her class of 411 students.  Black MBA Women is the premier media platform that delivers content, community and career development events for current and aspiring black women from top-tier business schools.  Daria was inspired to create Black MBA Women by her own incredible network of black professional women with top MBA degrees, the staggering number of African-American girls and post-collegiate women who don’t know they exist or how to find them, and the overall lack of professional development and business content for black women.


In one year, the community has grown to a national network of 600 women, of which 90% attended a top 10 MBA program.


There is a free annual membership, for a limited time, to SVMP alumni who are black women enrolled in or an alumni of a top 25 MBA program.  Email Black MBA Women with  “SVMP Membership Offer” in the subject line for your membership.


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Alumni Beat 8 – Virtual MBA Coach



Diversity MBA Prep


           SVMP alumna Nicole Lindsay, founder of Diversity MBA Prep, presents Virtual MBA Coach.  Virtual MBA Coach not only covers MBA application components, but also goes in-depth on relationship management, school research, application strategy, and how candidates present themselves. Virtual MBA Coach offers 24 weekly lessons, a workbook with 24 chapter assignments, one personalized profile review, two personalized Virtual Feedback reviews, over 7 hours of video, access to the Virtual MBA Coach forum, and discounted essay review services.


There is a special SVMP discount of 25% off program list price 

extended until September 1st, 2013


Interested in working with Diversity MBA Prep?

     Nicole is looking for a pre-MBA candidate to provide limited assistance with social media and marketing efforts. In return, she will provide admissions coaching throughout your MBA application process.  Contact Diversity MBA Prep for more information.


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Alumni Beat 8 – 2013 Kick-Off Veritas Prep Winners

Gidley Dorlus – SVMP ‘12
Veritas Prep Course Winner

     Gidley Dorlus, recent graduate of Northeastern University and alum of SVMP 2012 , is a Ground Test Engineer for Sikorsky Aircraft. At the 2013 SVMP Kick-Off Gidley won a Veritas Prep Course. He did not anticipate winning at all but knows the Veritas Prep Course will prepare him for the GMAT and take him a step further to attending business school in the near future.

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Carolina Baca – SVMP ‘12
Veritas Prep Course Winner

Carolina Baca, of the University of Georgia and SVMP Class of 2012, was a winner of a GMAT course sponsored by Veritas Prep. She will be taking her course for three weekends in August and is very grateful for the courses. The winnings were perfectly timed, she shared, “This summer I had been trying to figure out how to save up money for the course!”

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Alumni Beat 8 – 2013 SVMP and Kick-Off Manhattan GMAT Winners

Christopher Ramos – SVMP ‘11
Manhattan GMAT Course Winner

     Christopher Ramos from the SVMP Class of 2011 currently works at the U.S. Department of State and is an alum of Virginia Tech. He believes winning the free GMAT prep course from Manhattan GMAT gives him an avenue of opportunity to pursue and obtain an MBA. He expressed, “Winning this free prep course was my wake-up call that I need to get the ball rolling with this process. I know that by getting my MBA, my career will be enhanced from the experiences and lessons learned in business school.” Christopher would like to thank Manhattan GMAT for giving him this opportunity and the push to go after his goals.

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Crystal Ramjattan – SVMP ‘13
Manhattan GMAT Books Winner

        Crystal Ramjattan participated in SVMP 2013 and is a student at Cornell University. As a Manhattan GMAT Books winner at SVMP this year, winning the at home prep course has given her momentum to start studying and the belief that business school is a serious path for her. Crystal has begun to read some of the material, including the verbal section along with The Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide which have already proven helpful. She believes that having this material will better prepare her for the GMAT. Winning the books was shocking for Crystal but has strengthened her desire to attend business school. She shared, “I was hesitant about business school, but after winning, I took it as a sign, and decided that this might be the right path for me.”

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Alumni Beat 8 – SVMP 2013 Bell Curves Winners

SVMP 2013 Bell Curves Winners


Joshua Buenrostro – SVMP ‘13

Bell Curves Certificate Winner


          Joshua Buenrostro attends the University of Southern California and won a Bell Curves certificate at SVMP this year.  His winnings will provide him with the  financial assistance to pay for GMAT & LSAT study materials.  This prize will provide him with the resources to score well on the GMAT exam and attend a great graduate school. Thanks to the certificate, he believes he will be successful in his career goals after graduate school.  Joshua plans to study, take the GMAT exam, then save up to take the LSAT exam as he am prepares for a JD/MBA dual degree. Though Joshua did not think he would win, he knows this will help with expenses beyond his undergraduate schooling and living expenses.


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Krste Ruiz – SVMP ‘13

Bell Curves Books Winner


      Krste Ruiz attends Indiana University  and the Bell Curves books will provide him with study methods and insights towards preparing for the GMAT. His goal will be to prepare for the GMAT and  ultimately develop the skill set necessary to perform well in a top 10 MBA program. Krste was shocked when he won. He shared, “I did not expect to win as one of the last participants to turn in my ballot, and I am very fortunate to have won such a prestigious prize that will impact the rest of my life.”


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Alumni Beat 8 – Exclusive Wall Street Prep Opportunity

Exclusive SVMP Alumni Association Opportunity

Free Wall Street Prep Tutorial


     This year, we are extremely excited to have a partnership with Wall Street Prep, a global full-services financial training firm that offers crash courses that prepare and enhance the competitive profile of students and young professionals who seek a career within the financial services industry.

Their Clients: Some of the most prestigious academic institutions and corporations in the world such as Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Williams College, Amherst, Merrill Lynch, Goldman, Blackstone, UBS, and KPMG.

Our Connection: SVMP Alumni Association board member, Victor Chen, had the privilege to work with Wall Street Prep in the past where he brought them on the Colby College campus on behalf of the Investment Association to conduct a two-day Financial & Valuation/DCF Modeling seminar. It was extremely well-attended and he knew Wall Street Prep would add value to SVMP alumni.

Our Goal: To bridge the academics and the real world. We want to leverage the courses offered by Wall Street Prep to help students and young alumni land job offers in investment banking, private equity, asset management, equity research, and sales & trading.

The Offer: Wall Street Prep is generously offering all SVMP alumni a free online tutorial with a value of up to $399 per person. This tutorial includes: Financial Statement Modeling, Discounted Cashflow Model, M&A, LBO, and Excel.  More details.

Sign Up Here!

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Regarding related programs or if you want to bring Wall Street Prep to your campus, please email Victor Chen

Alumni Beat 8 – Mentorship Program Launch Event

SVMP Alumni Association Mentorship Program Launch Event




     The SVMP AA is excited to announce it has officially launched its FIRST-EVER Mentorship Program!  We matched nearly 70 mentees from the new 2013 class with over 50 alumni mentors from SVMP classes ranging from 1998-2012!  The mentors and mentees areas of expertise and interests cover a diverse array of industries including but not limited to: consulting, fashion, finance, & nonprofit management. We are taking the SVMP experience off-campus and are excited to see the types of goals mentees will set and accomplish with the help of their amazing new mentors!




     NYC Launch Event & Summer Happy Hour: To toast to the launch of the new SVMP AA Mentorship Program and reunite alumni in the NYC area, the SVMP AA NY Chapter hosted a rooftop summer happy hour at Latitude Bar & Grill on Thursday, July 25th in Manhattan, New York.  The event was incredibly successful and gathered over 25 alumni to reconnect, meet new faces, and hear more about the new program.  Thanks to all alumni for attending and we hope to see you at the next event!


For any questions regarding the program please feel free to contact Andrea Giraudo, Director of Professional Development & the Mentorship Program.


For information regarding SVMP AA events in the Greater New York area, please contact Michael Crawford,  New York Regional Events Coordinator.

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Alumni Beat 8 – Letter from the Editor


Letter from the Editor


Greetings SVMP Alumni,


I would like to thank you for reading and engaging with the 8th issue of the Alumni Beat.  I would also like to extend a special thanks to the alumni who contributed.  I truly hope you enjoyed this issue and it brought back memories of your SVMP experience.


I am always open to suggestions for additions and improvements to increase your satisfaction with the Alumni Beat. Please feel free to reach out with any content ideas for upcoming editions. I also encourage content submissions for future editions.  It is so important that you are satisfied with the newsletter and that it is meaningful to you.


Thank you again for your readership and please look forward to the next issue of the Alumni Beat.


Cydni Williams

Director of Alumni Beat

Alumni Beat 8 – Kick Off 2013 Highlight

Reconnecting at Kick-Off 2013


     Over 30 SVMP Alumni gathered on the morning of Kick-off to receive a presentation on HBS Admissions from the SVMP Director, Les Williams.  During this time alumni also engaged in a fun icebreaker where they stated something exciting they’ve done that they think no one else has – yet to no surprise, each alum was just as adventurous and experienced as the next.  Following the icebreaker, alumni participated in a speed networking activity in which they were paired with each other and spoke about their experiences according to several topics that were chosen by the moderator – Andrea Giraudo.  At the end, Alumni collaborated in a deep discussion in small groups about their challenges and ambitions. After a morning of meaningful exchanges, the Alumni group headed to lunch until they met again during the HBS panel discussion.

JohnHarvards1         JohnHarvards2

Alumni spending some quality time together after the Kick-off Event at  John Harvard’s.

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