Alumni Beat 8 – 2013 Kick-Off Veritas Prep Winners

Gidley Dorlus – SVMP ‘12
Veritas Prep Course Winner

     Gidley Dorlus, recent graduate of Northeastern University and alum of SVMP 2012 , is a Ground Test Engineer for Sikorsky Aircraft. At the 2013 SVMP Kick-Off Gidley won a Veritas Prep Course. He did not anticipate winning at all but knows the Veritas Prep Course will prepare him for the GMAT and take him a step further to attending business school in the near future.

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Carolina Baca – SVMP ‘12
Veritas Prep Course Winner

Carolina Baca, of the University of Georgia and SVMP Class of 2012, was a winner of a GMAT course sponsored by Veritas Prep. She will be taking her course for three weekends in August and is very grateful for the courses. The winnings were perfectly timed, she shared, “This summer I had been trying to figure out how to save up money for the course!”

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