Alumni Beat 8 – SVMP 2013 Bell Curves Winners

SVMP 2013 Bell Curves Winners


Joshua Buenrostro – SVMP ‘13

Bell Curves Certificate Winner


          Joshua Buenrostro attends the University of Southern California and won a Bell Curves certificate at SVMP this year.  His winnings will provide him with the  financial assistance to pay for GMAT & LSAT study materials.  This prize will provide him with the resources to score well on the GMAT exam and attend a great graduate school. Thanks to the certificate, he believes he will be successful in his career goals after graduate school.  Joshua plans to study, take the GMAT exam, then save up to take the LSAT exam as he am prepares for a JD/MBA dual degree. Though Joshua did not think he would win, he knows this will help with expenses beyond his undergraduate schooling and living expenses.


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Krste Ruiz – SVMP ‘13

Bell Curves Books Winner


      Krste Ruiz attends Indiana University  and the Bell Curves books will provide him with study methods and insights towards preparing for the GMAT. His goal will be to prepare for the GMAT and  ultimately develop the skill set necessary to perform well in a top 10 MBA program. Krste was shocked when he won. He shared, “I did not expect to win as one of the last participants to turn in my ballot, and I am very fortunate to have won such a prestigious prize that will impact the rest of my life.”


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