Alumni Beat 8 – Exclusive Wall Street Prep Opportunity

Exclusive SVMP Alumni Association Opportunity

Free Wall Street Prep Tutorial


     This year, we are extremely excited to have a partnership with Wall Street Prep, a global full-services financial training firm that offers crash courses that prepare and enhance the competitive profile of students and young professionals who seek a career within the financial services industry.

Their Clients: Some of the most prestigious academic institutions and corporations in the world such as Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Williams College, Amherst, Merrill Lynch, Goldman, Blackstone, UBS, and KPMG.

Our Connection: SVMP Alumni Association board member, Victor Chen, had the privilege to work with Wall Street Prep in the past where he brought them on the Colby College campus on behalf of the Investment Association to conduct a two-day Financial & Valuation/DCF Modeling seminar. It was extremely well-attended and he knew Wall Street Prep would add value to SVMP alumni.

Our Goal: To bridge the academics and the real world. We want to leverage the courses offered by Wall Street Prep to help students and young alumni land job offers in investment banking, private equity, asset management, equity research, and sales & trading.

The Offer: Wall Street Prep is generously offering all SVMP alumni a free online tutorial with a value of up to $399 per person. This tutorial includes: Financial Statement Modeling, Discounted Cashflow Model, M&A, LBO, and Excel.  More details.

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Regarding related programs or if you want to bring Wall Street Prep to your campus, please email Victor Chen