Alumni Beat 8 – Kick Off 2013 Highlight

Reconnecting at Kick-Off 2013


     Over 30 SVMP Alumni gathered on the morning of Kick-off to receive a presentation on HBS Admissions from the SVMP Director, Les Williams.  During this time alumni also engaged in a fun icebreaker where they stated something exciting they’ve done that they think no one else has – yet to no surprise, each alum was just as adventurous and experienced as the next.  Following the icebreaker, alumni participated in a speed networking activity in which they were paired with each other and spoke about their experiences according to several topics that were chosen by the moderator – Andrea Giraudo.  At the end, Alumni collaborated in a deep discussion in small groups about their challenges and ambitions. After a morning of meaningful exchanges, the Alumni group headed to lunch until they met again during the HBS panel discussion.

JohnHarvards1         JohnHarvards2

Alumni spending some quality time together after the Kick-off Event at  John Harvard’s.

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