Alumni Beat 11 – Alumni Spotlight: Aldo Frosinini


Aldo attends Swarthmore College and is a new addition to the SVMP Alumni Association as a member of HBS SVMP 2014.

Aldo shares his SVMP experience and favorite memories:

It was the first day. I had just arrived and the cab had dropped me off in the wrong spot which required me to walk half way across HBS campus. I hope you can forgive me if all I could think about was how quickly I could get to the air conditioned dorms. Along the way I met Kareem Heshmat a fellow SVMPer who was equally lost, but full of energy and enthusiasm. His upbeat attitude made me realize how much fun the program would be regardless of what we’d learn during the week. After meeting a few folks we made our way to the Spangler Auditorium where we met Breeshna and Les. No one knew exactly what we’d be doing during SVMP (“something about cases studies” we thought), but Les and Breeshna put us at ease by passionately explaining the program all while accompanied by hilariously well-timed classical music which was playing in the background. When they wrapped up their explanation, we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Hearing all the amazing things my fellow SVMPers had done made me realize the caliber of people that I would soon befriend.

As we finished up for the night, I was itching to network. My aim is to get into consulting (preferably in the energy sector), so when Fadhi Ali mentioned his work at Roland Berger, I jumped at the opportunity to learn more. He and I immediately hit it off and had a wonderful conversation that accidentally made us both late for our scheduled meetings that night. Seeing how easy it was to connect with the SVMP alumni made me appreciate the close-knit nature of the SVMP network – something I value more and more each day. As the program continued I was consistently blown away by my classmates and professors. I want to give a shout out to Karen Liu, who worked with me late into each night trying to cover every possible angle of each case in preparation for the dreaded cold call. The level of rigor and thoughtfulness my classmates brought each day impressed me beyond words and made me proud to be part of the SVMP community. As a newly minted alumnus of the program, I am excited to continue to engage and grow with this remarkable community!