Alumni Beat 11 – MBA Exchange Webinar Review




Special thanks to one of our feature partners – the MBA Exchange, for offering their time and expertise to host a successful MBA Admissions Planning Webinar! The MBA Exchange is the leading resource for applicants to the world’s best MBA programs. They have a mission to help others gain the intellectual, emotional and economic benefits of a top-quality management education through customized strategies and tactics that distinguish one MBA application from the rest. We caught a glimpse of the insights that help build a compelling MBA candidacy through an exclusive webinar featuring Pauline Jennette, a former Associate Director of Admission from Harvard Business School, a Wharton MBA alumna, and Master Admissions Consultant at the MBA Exchange.


Pauline shared her experience and expertise over a range of admission topics, such as why top tier business schools are truly the only option, and what the key distinguishing factors are between the top 3-5 versus the top 5-10 and so on. Other topics that were covered include: just how critical the GMAT is, how to strategically time your application, how to best plan for the interviews, the value of working with an admissions consultant, and many others.


So what is one of the strategies to ensure you have a compelling application to offer? A strong applicant is one who is perceived as more authentic by recognizing and embracing their vulnerabilities and by allowing that to show through their application.

With 100 registered participants, we are lucky to have had such a valuable webinar session with the MBA Exchange. Please feel free to sign up for a free consultation. When you sign up for a package make sure to put down SVMP so that the MBA Exchange staff will prioritize your request!

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