Alumni Beat 10: Mentorship Program Spotlight II

Mentorship Program Spotlight II


This edition, we would especially like to highlight Angel and his two mentees Arlene and Trey  for their dedication and hard work.



Angel Audiffred, SVMP 2000


Angel is currently the Chief of Staff at  HITN and a member of the SVMP class of 2000. He shares his experience as a mentor for Arlene Munn and Trey Roby in the SVMP Mentorship Program.

       “Brainy people such Arlene and Trey only think big. They both have ambitious goals that are only matched by their whopping-amount of potential. And it only takes one conversation with them to see it.   This pair shares the exciting drive usually found in highly-successful individuals. This combination of smarts and motivation have put them in the vanguard; achieving milestones that others will take years to reach.   And if all these gifts weren’t enough, the one singular trait about Arlene and Trey – that stands out the most – is that they’re both are really modest about all they’ve done and plan to do.”

Angel keeps in touch with his mentees with periodic phone calls and emails.




Arlene Munn, SVMP 2013


 Arlene Munn is currently a student at Bryn Mawr College, studying Psychology, and one of Angel’s mentee in the SVMP AA Mentorship program.

     Upon graduation,  she plans to pursue a graduate degree in International Affairs and Business Administration to begin a career in social entrepreneurship.  Arlene’s long-term goal is to develop consumer products and services that can serve as solutions to social issues.

     As Arlene prepares for graduation next spring, Angel has reminded her of the importance of utilizing her network, tapping into resources, and occasionally asking for help. She shares, “I have always considered myself to be an independent spirit and self-starter, so sometimes I find it difficult to reach out to others for assistance. Over the course of the semester, Angel has encouraged me to take a more introspective approach to understanding my strengths and weaknesses.” Arlene feels like she always has a better understanding of her goals and how to reach them after speaking with Angel.




Trey Roby, SVMP 2013


Trey Roby is currently a student at Howard University and also one of Angel’s mentee in the SVMP AA Mentorship program.

     Following undergraduate studies, Trey would like to work in Online Marketing or Branding for a major clothing company like Levi, Dockers or Old Navy.  After acquiring his MBA/JD, he’d like to work as an intellectual property attorney for a major sports team, preferably Manchester United Football Club.   He also hopes to turn his blog, into an online magazine. Trey believes Angel has helped him create a more detailed step-by-step process in achieving his career and academic goals.


For questions on the SVMP AA Mentorship Program, contact Andrea Giraudo – Director of Professional Development & the Mentorship Program at