Alumni Beat 10: New Board Coordinators


New 2014 SVMP Board Coordinators 


Tinu Akinfolarin, SVMP 2008

Professional Development Coordinator


          Tinu is joining the SVMP AA Board in the role of Professional Development Coordinator. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Bryn Mawr College and her Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University. Tinu said she decided to get involved with SVMP AA because “[she] believe[s] in the amazing work that the team is doing to benefit current SVMP participants and alums of the program, and desired to be a part of it.” Being involved with SVMP AA has helped her stay connected with our network and to make meaningful contribution to it. In her new role, Tinu is looking forward to helping the SVMP Mentorship Program meet the needs of those participating in it.

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Ahmed Brown, SVMP 2010

Corporate Relations Coordinator


       Ahmed will be joining the SVMP AA Board in the role of Corporate Relations Coordinator. He attended Howard University and is currently working at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as a consultant. Being a part of the SVMP network has pushed Ahmed to “aspire to roles in [his] career where [his] contributions will truly make an impact.” His favorite SVMP moments came after the program ended and he had the chance to make some amazing friends and memories. In his new role, he is looking forward to increasing the number of partners of SVMP AA and building off  the success of partnering with test preparation organizations to join forces with additional organizations that support the mission of SVMP.




Alyssa Chen, SVMP 2012

Corporate Relations Coordinator & West Coast Regional Events Coordinator


     Alyssa is joining the SVMP AA Board in two new roles: Corporate Relations Coordinator and West Coast Regional Events Coordinator. She received her BSBA in International Business and Finance from the University of Denver in 2013 and currently works in Global Corporate Marketing for Visa, Inc. SVMP impacted her career choices through allowing her to analyze her career path more extensively and seeing a broad spectrum of career choices driven by passion and dedication. Her role at Visa will help her in her new roles because “[she] plan[s] to integrate the skills [she is] utilizing at work into creating better infrastructure and alignment on our SVMP Corporate Relations [side]. [She] also hope[s] to transfer the skills from [her] work into creating stronger relationships and perceptions between SVMP and external partners.”Alyssa best SVMP moment was staying up until 5 am for discussions with fellow SVMP class members.

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Gidley Dorlus, SVMP 2012

Corporate Relations Coordinator


Gidley is joining the SVMP AA Board in the role of Corporate Relations Coordinator. He attended Northeastern University for undergraduate and graduate studies and is currently a Ground Test Engineer at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. Gidley got involved with SVMP AA because “[he] saw getting involved with SVMPAA as an opportunity to help our entire population of alumni. The learning experience [he] realized this opportunity would give [him] really closed the deal in regards to getting involved.” He is looking forward to helping the Corporate Relations team bring in new sponsorships that will help our alumni grow and develop. Gidley’s best SVMP moment was attending classes that were challenging and offered a great change of pace from engineering courses.

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Ivan E. Duschatzky, SVMP 2012

Corporate Relations Coordinator


Ivan is joining the SVMP AA Board in the role of Corporate Relations Coordinator. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and is currently a Private Equity / Corporate Development Analyst at McCombie Group. Being a part of SVMP has impacted Ivan’s career choices because “SVMP introduced [him] to amazing lectures and individuals who helped [him] learn something that took [him] a while to truly understand– one really needs to do what one finds meaningful and interesting. It doesn’t matter what that thing is, you are the only one who has to find the meaning in it, and doing it is the only way to truly be successful.” He decided to get involved with SVMP AA because he wants to stay connected with our network of driven, inspirational members. He is also running his own business and would like to gain more experience in business development. His favorite SVMP moment was the case study about corruption in Argentine pharmaceuticals (since he is Argentinian and very familiar with the corruption issues) and spending time with his SVMP class.

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  Sandy Diao, SVMP 2012

Social Media Coordinator


    Sandy is joining the SVMP AA Board in the role of Social Media Coordinator. She attended University of California, Berkeley for her undergraduate studies and currently works in Partner Operations at Pinterest, which gives her an outlook and helpful skills for this new role within SVMP. Sandy said her “job is to create the best experience for our users, with the mission of inspiring people to discover the things they love and take action on those things. [Her] role at SVMP AA shares a similar mission – through sharing information and spreading the word about SVMP, [she] hope[s] for alumni and prospective participants to be inspired for their careers and education aspirations, and ultimately pursue those goals.” Sandy got involved with SVMP AA because her experience in SVMP as inspirational and she wants to spread the word about the program and help others take advantage of the depth of the network. She enjoyed SVMP for the friends she made and the eye-opening experience of learning about non-traditional business roles.

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Folajimi (Jimmy) Fowose, SVMP 2011

Recruiting Coordinator


      Jimmy is joining the SVMP AA Board in the role of Recruiting Coordinator. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and is a member of the SVMP Class of 2010.  Jimmy describes SVMP as, “undoubtedly one of the most memorable weeks of my undergraduate years!”  His involvement with the SVMP AA in a recruiting capacity serves to pay the awareness forward. He wants to assist the recruiting team to build knowledge and awareness of the program in order to encourage high potential, diverse candidates all over the country to apply.  SVMP affected his career choices by providing him with a lens not only to understand that business and society are not mutually exclusive, but also to recognize the fact that these two components are virtually interconnected and inextricably linked at almost every joint. After the first couple of case studies, he was convinced a career in business could fit his career mold. As a result of the program, he became fascinated by a career in Consulting, brushed up my knowledge of the intricacies and subtleties of the field, and pursued an opportunity in this area.

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Breeshna Javed, SVMP 2007

Kick-off Event Chair & Alumni Beat Coordinator


       Breeshna is joining the SVMP AA Board in two roles: Kick-off Event Chair and Alumni Beat Coordinator. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and currently works for Harvard Business School as a Research Associate. Breeshna’s SVMP experience affected her career choices because after spending four years in a Management Development program, Breeshna decided to transition into academia and Harvard Business School was the perfect place for her to explore her research interests in Organizational Behavior. Breeshna got involved with SVMP AA because she “had a wonderful experience in SVMP and would like to help continue the long history of excellence in this program and make it better and better for future classes.” Breeshna is looking forward to planning the alumni events for the SVMP Kick-off and hoping to implement new ways to get more alumni involved in the reunion and other Kick-off activities. She is also excited to work on the Alumni Beat and is looking forward to hearing from SVMP Alumni on how the Beat can better serve our network and goals.


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Shahin_ShahrivarShahin Shahrivar, SVMP 2010

D.C. Regional Events Coordinator


Shahin is joining the SVMP AA Board in the role of D.C. Events Coordinator. He completed his undergraduate studies at Montgomery College and the University of Maryland and is currently an Education Consultant. Shahin’s SVMP experience impacted his career choices because “being surrounded by amazing people has definitely pushed [him] expectations for [himself]. [He] was inspired to aim higher, think bigger, and work harder.” He got involved with SVMP AA because he didn’t want to lose touch with such a powerful and diverse network and wanted to give back to a program that helped him. Shahin feels that “it’s our responsibility as alums to leave our marks and empower the program for future participants.” He had a number of great moments in SVMP but the best was an impromptu debate in Gallatin Hall that started with he and a friend discussing current events but drew in other SVMPers as they walked by. He learned a lot that day from the number of different viewpoints in the group discussion.

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