A Relic of His Own – Bryon Shannon SVMP ’08

Bryon Shannon ’08 has been busy outfitting young “pioneers” on his campus at the University of Wisconsin. This spring, he launched an apparel company called Wisconsin Relic, a line that focuses on offering high quality shirts and pullovers with vintage Midwest designs.


The items are available on http://wiscrelic.comwhere the brand pairs up with “Young Pioneers of the Midwest” by profiling young Midwesterners who are building a positive culture in their communities, complete with online pictures, music, videos and background in formation on the pioneers.


“It’s a great experience teaming up with artists, social journalists and other young people who are proving that we can make a difference by pursuing our passions,” Shannon ’08 says.


However, Shannon has realized that running a small clothing start-up is more than photo shoots and drawing boards. “Taking classes in entrepreneurship, meeting other young business owners, comparing case studies at SVMP to my own challenges; it all plays a part in getting through the technical side of keeping a business feasible,” he adds.


With additional support through university sponsorship of business incubator office space, Bryon plans on extending the messages of trendy styles and youth initiatives from his online website to boutique stores and universities across Wisconsin. Shannon states, “After meeting young leaders from all across the nation over the past summers, it is neat to create a brand that tells youth in Wisconsin that they can be trendy and build a positive culture all at the same time.”


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