Alumni Connect – Jesika Clerge SVMP ’06

About Jesika Clerge:


I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics and English at Mount Holyoke College. Afterwards, I completed my graduate degree at Northeastern University, earning an MS in Nonprofit Management – with a concentration in Accounting. Currently, I am working as the CFO for a small nonprofit named Together Against Malaria (TAMTAM).


TAMTAM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization engaged in the protection of pregnant women and small children from malaria. TAMTAM solves urgent malaria challenges by distributing free bed nets to underserved areas through innovative, cost-effective and scientifically founded methods. TAMTAM facilitates operational evaluations with researchers and policymakers to increase the impact of malaria net distribution.


TAMTAM also distributes free bed nets to prevent malaria in a cost-effective, targeted, innovative and evidence-based manner. The organization conducts operational research on bed-net distribution to help improve the use of bed nets worldwide. We are a volunteer organization with zero personnel costs.


With bed nets, a little goes a long way toward saving lives. TAMTAM is supported by many individuals whose generous monetary support goes directly to purchasing and delivering bed nets to individuals in need.


For more information on TAMTAM, please visit our website:


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