SVMP DC Happy Hour – Apr. 26 at 5:30pm EST


Join us for an SVMP Happy Hour in DC!


Friday, April 26 from 5:30-7:30pm EST


Ping Pong Dim Sum

900 7th Street NW

Washington, DC 20001




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SVMP Ski Trip 2013 Recap


The First SVMP Alumni Association Ski Trip was a memorable experience. Alumni from the East Cost region traveled near and far to meet at the Liberty Mountain Ski Resort. As we all drove closer to the Resort, we could see the cascading snowy slopes on the horizon.


As more and more Alumni continued to arrive, along with one prospective SVMPer for the upcoming cohort of 2013, we suited up, grabbed our equipment and hit the slopes. We started our morning with ski and snowboarding lessons. We practiced together, fell together, and most importantly helped each other up as we stumbled. As the day went by, and with the support of fellow SVMP Alumni, we graduated from the Bunny Slopes and began to explore the more challenging areas of the mountain.




There were times when some of us would lose our balance and descend on our backs, head first, with only one ski on our foot, and no way of stopping on the steep, icy terrain. Nevertheless, we always extended a hand to our former classmates, and cheered each other on throughout the day. While some of us were still novice, others gained enough confidence to go down some of the most dangerous slopes wearing only ski pants and a Hawaiian button down shirt.




Late into the afternoon, we gathered at a restaurant on the Resort where we shared plates of food, laughter and nostalgic SVMP stories.




Right after lunch, we rode up the ski lift, and took a group picture at the peak of the mountain top.




After a couple more hours of going down the slopes, some of us decided to call it a night, while a few dedicated snowboarders in the group grabbed some food to re-fuel, and hit the slopes again for a couple more hours of night snowboarding.




While some stayed the night at the ski lodge, the rest of us drove back to the city listening to smooth jazz, talking about relationships, and reminiscing about that one special summer at HBS.


Everyone has a ski story – embarrassing moments, near-misses, avalanches… This experience was simply amazing and unforgettable.


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